Tooth Fairy 101: Ideas, Traditions and History!

Tooth Fairy 101: Ideas, Traditions and History!

Feb 26, 2014

February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day! In celebration of one of our favorite days of the year, we’ve compiled some Tooth Fairy history, fun facts and traditions you can try at home with your kids.

The History of the Tooth Fairy

Although there are several stories behind how the myth of the Tooth Fairy began, one of the most popular has its roots in European history.

It is believed that many centuries ago, Europeans would bury their children’s baby teeth underground so that the new, permanent teeth would grow. Some people believe there was a superstition that witches would place a curse on a child if a baby tooth was found, and so burying the teeth kept them hidden. Over time, children began putting their teeth under their pillows. Their parents would take the teeth and leave a coin or other treat behind. Parents would tell the story of the Tooth Fairy to delight their children.

Fun Tooth Fairy Facts

Think every country celebrates the loss of a baby tooth the same way? Wrong! Tooth Fairy myths take many different shapes around the world. Here are some fun facts about traditions in other cultures:

  • In Japan, some children throw their lower teeth into the air and their upper teeth down to the ground. Why? So that their permanent teeth grow in straight!
  • In Spanish cultures, children put their teeth under the pillow for the Ratoncito Perez, or the Tooth Mouse. In France he is called La Petite Souris, or The Little Mouse, and children leave cheese out for him, too.
  • A white fairy rat buys children’s teeth with coins in parts of Lowland Scotland.

Tooth Fairy Traditions to Try at Home

Families often have their own Tooth Fairy traditions. You may have heard of parents who decorate their children’s rooms with glitter, or “fairy dust.” It’s not uncommon for parents to make Tooth Fairy footprints in the glitter. Some parents purchase Tooth Fairy pillows online. There are even complete kits that include Tooth Fairy receipts!

You may want to try one of these ideas:

  • Spray glitter on a dollar bill to leave under the pillow.
  • Leave a fun, new vibrating toothbrush and kids’ flavored toothpaste.
  • Ask the bank to order gold plated coins to place under the pillow.
  • Leave the tooth in clear water at bedtime and add food coloring and glitter while your child is sleeping.

Share your Tooth Fairy traditions with the Craig Armstrong, DDS team on Facebook! And we’d love to know – what’s the going rate for a tooth in your home?

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