Should You Use Costume Teeth This Halloween? The Truth of Those Fake Teeth

Should You Use Costume Teeth This Halloween? The Truth of Those Fake Teeth

Oct 27, 2016

It’s that time of year again where costumes are crowding the shelves and children are excited to pick out the ghoul or goblin they want to be. Perhaps they’ll be a superhero or maybe a vampire. What about you? Do you have a costume in mind?

While costumes are fun, there are parts of the costume that you may have questions about, especially if you have dental work in your mouth. So when it comes to fake teeth for a costume, what can you use? Are they safe to use if you have sensitive teeth or if you have dental work in your mouth? Here are a few options out there that you can remember when you’re planning your Halloween costume this year.

Vampire Teeth

If you’re looking to use the fangs to top off our vampire costume, you can typically do so safely. For the most part, the teeth are a single piece that go into your mouth. Other options include buying just the two “fang” pieces and adhering them to your normal teeth. This is not recommended if you have recently had dental work performed, you have sore gums, or if you have braces or veneers. The adhesive that you use to glue them to your teeth can cause problems with your dental work. It’s better to use the kind that do not require adhesive and can be taken out multiple times throughout the night.

Tooth-Blackout Options

This is a very simple process of applying a waxy substance to the tooth that can easily be peeled off later on. It is a way to get the look of having less than stellar dental hygiene without having the consequences that come along with it. It is an option that is not too expensive and can be used for a variety of costumes you may want to choose. It is generally safe for your permanent teeth, however, if you have veneers or other dental work you may want to consult with your dentist.

Other Precautions

In general, you want to avoid adhering anything to your teeth if you have veneers or if you’re wearing braces at the time of Halloween. Also if you have sore gums from a toothache, you’ve just had your teeth cleaned or you have sensitive teeth you may want to choose a different way to accent your costume. While these teeth can be a great addition, you do not want to take a chance on messing up your permanent teeth with the costume. Always read warning labels on the accessory for your mouth and make sure to consult with your dentist should you have any more questions. You can have a blast this Halloween picking out your favorite costume if you keep these mindful tips in mind.

Also make sure that if you’re using fake teeth with your child’s costume that they do not pose a choking hazard to your little one. By taking these tips into consideration, you can all have a great time exploring and haunting the night!

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