Self-Care During the Holidays

Self-Care During the Holidays

Dec 09, 2013

Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet? Or does the thought of having another item on your to-do list add to your stress level during the busy holiday season?

Christmas Card Day is Dec. 9, and is a great opportunity to find out what your friends and family who live far away have been up to during 2013. However, if the holiday pressure is becoming too overwhelming, consider taking a little time for yourself. These self-care strategies will help you relax and recharge amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas time.

Take a walk. Set your alarm clock to go off 30 minutes early a few times a week and go for a brisk walk. If you prefer staying indoors, try a yoga or stretching DVD to get your day started. You may find you actually have more energy after adding a little exercise to your routine.

Get your teeth cleaned. Your health is important no matter what the time of year. See your dentist for a thorough cleaning and exam. Seeing the dentist regularly is a great way to take care of potential issues before they get out of control. In addition, a cleaning will leave you feeling refreshed and will allow you to check off another item on your to-do list.

Take a nap. Dr. Sarah C. Mednick, author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life, has researched the science of napping. Dr. Mednick has found that not taking a rest in the middle of the day keeps people from performing at optimal levels. Take a quick nap to re-energize.

Pamper yourself. There may not be a lot of extra time at this point in the year, but that doesn’t mean you should skip things that make you look and feel great. Once your dentist creates a mold of your mouth, you can whiten your teeth at home. It only takes 30 minutes twice a day, and is a good way to build in some downtime while ensuring you have a radiant smile at holiday parties.

Say no. Although you may enjoy the many fun things to do during the holidays, you don’t have to do them all. It’s okay to turn down a few invitations and stay in. Sit in front of the fire with your family and tell stories about Christmas when you were little. Or head to bed early so you can start the day refreshed in the morning.

Evaluate your stress level. Be on the lookout for signs that your stress level is getting out of control. Is your blood pressure too high? Stop at a pharmacy and check it on one of the machines in the waiting area. Are you grinding your teeth at night? Ask your dentist about getting fitted for a mouth guard so that you do not damage your teeth. Your body knows when you have had enough. It’s up to you to listen.

Take care of yourself this holiday season so that you can enjoy all that it has to offer you and your family – even if it means skipping the Christmas cards.

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