Dentures 101: All the Information You Want

Dentures 101: All the Information You Want

Jan 03, 2022

Have you lost some or all your teeth and are searching for replacements to restore your smile and mouth functionality? Regardless of why you have lost your teeth, you find it necessary to have an ideal solution to replace them that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but helps you restore your smile and the abilities you lost with your teeth. If we assume, correctly you must visit the dentist  AK Dentistry, Westchase, Houston, TX, requesting all information about why dentures are an excellent solution for your situation.

Suppose you want a practical option for replacing teeth. In that case, whether single or multiple, you find a solution with dentures because they are custom created and made from removable prosthetic appliances holding artificial teeth. Dentures are molded to fit your unique mouth structure, and no two sets of dentures are similar. If you want to know more about dentures, this article provides all the information you want on and the reasons why they may be best suited for your specific situation.

Dentures Appear and Feel Natural Than before

You may have heard many patients expressing apprehension about wearing dentures because they considered them ill-fitting and noticeable. Earlier, this problem existed, and people using them experienced discomfort with the appliances that always made their presence felt when least required. Thankfully present-day dentures appear and feel like your natural teeth and will likely not cause any apprehension in your mind when using them as replacements for natural teeth.

Dentures Suitable for Everyone

You may have lost your teeth to accidents, disease, or had them extracted for any reason. However, the missing teeth become overwhelming when you realize how your remaining teeth begin moving towards the space left by the missing tooth. Whether you are young or old, you qualify for dentures if you have missing teeth from your mouth. The dentist near you can close the gap left by the missing tooth with a solution best suited for your unique needs. Dentures help you speak, eat, and smile comfortably without any embarrassment risk of disparaging your smile.

Types Of Dentures

You can get two main types of dentures from the experienced Westchase dentists. The trained professionals help you to choose the denture best suited for your smile. You receive a recommendation from the professional based on the number of teeth missing in your mouth and your budget for the replacement solution.

The Westchase dentists provide partial and full dentures in Westchase, TX, depending on your needs. If all your teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw, the dentist creates conventional full dentures after taking measurements of your mouth to create your customized dental appliance. You may require to schedule several appointments with the dentist when they make your dentures to ensure you get the correct fit when the device is eventually ready for you.

If you have a couple of teeth missing from your mouth with the remaining teeth intact, the dentist recommends partial dentures to close the empty gap left by the missing teeth. Partial dentures are custom-created after taking measurements of your mouth to ensure they appear like your remaining teeth and do not look out of place.

Suppose you have lost several teeth in the upper or lower jaw and want the remaining teeth extracted to have an entire arch of teeth. In that case, you can consider immediate load implant-supported dentures to have a set of natural-looking artificial teeth in your mouth immediately after the extraction.

After tooth extraction, you don’t have to display a toothless grin. Still, you can request the dentist for immediate load dentures when they insert four or six dental implants in your jawbone and immediately fix an entire arch of teeth over the implants to provide your artificial teeth. Implant-supported dentures are incredibly comfortable than traditional dentures and provide stimulation to your jawbone to help prevent jawbone resorption.

Dentures Are Durable with Proper Care

Dentures need appropriate care and maintenance similar to your natural teeth. When you care for your dentures appropriately, they last you for several years. However, they may require readjustments if your jawbone shifts or you need more teeth extracted. However, whatever the reason behind the tooth loss, dentures can restore your appearance and mouths functionality to deliver a solid and healthy smile.

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