Dental Bridge – A Perfect Solution to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Bridge – A Perfect Solution to Replace Missing Teeth

Apr 01, 2023

The missing teeth not only make it difficult to speak clearly but also collapse the face. The main causes could be an injury, gum disease, or decay. Dental bridges are dental restorations that help to mask the edentulous area left by one or more missing teeth. They usually include crowns on either end with fake teeth in the middle. The bridge procedure requires two or three dental appointments to complete.

What Are the Major Advantages of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges offer plenty of benefits to the wearer:

Minimal Maintenance

Compared to dentures, dental bridges are very easy to clean and maintain. It means patients can clean them the same as their original teeth without even removing the bridges daily for cleaning.

Improve Speaking

Our teeth play an essential role in creating words in the mouth. Losing multiple teeth usually makes it hard to pronounce a few words. Dental bridges resolve these speaking problems caused by the loss of teeth.

Prevents Shifting of Teeth

Our teeth are held in their preposition by the surrounding teeth. But, tooth loss makes the leftover teeth start shifting towards the open area. Dental bridge treatment fills the vacant space using a fake tooth. It prevents the shifting of teeth.

Maintain Natural Tooth Structure

Gaps in the jaw make the teeth move gradually from their position and spread out. It leads to biting problems. Dental bridges allow the teeth on the other side of missing teeth to stay firmly in their position. It minimizes bite issues and reduces the risk of bone loss from the jaw. Serious jawbone deterioration can result in facial collapse and further tooth loss.

Bone Grafting is Not Essential

For tooth bridges in Westchase, Houston, bone grafting is not necessary. It’s a surgical process where the dental professional puts a fake or animal bone fragment in its position under the gums. It helps to strengthen the weak jawbone.

Enhances Chewing Potential

Tooth loss causes pain while consuming anything. It can be because the nearby teeth shift towards the open area. Furthermore, tiny food bits can accumulate in the vacant tooth socket and damage the gum. A dental bridge is an effective solution to eradicate pain while eating food.

Affordable Than Implants

Since the dental bridge process is not as invasive as implants and the dentist does not require much precision, the cost is much less than the dental implants.

Offers Benefits Over Dentures

If the dentist finds sufficient healthy teeth remaining in the mouth, he/she advises a dental bridge rather than a denture. In the denture procedure, the professional needs to anchor the denture to the gums using temporary sealants. This sealant is not secure. On the other hand, this is not the case with bridges. It’s because healthy teeth can serve as anchors for bridges.

Improved Quality of Life

If you try to hide your smile when going to a public area or in group photographs, now you no longer need to. A bridge procedure that can help you accomplish a smile that is healthy and gorgeous. It ultimately helps to enhance your quality of life.

Why and When it is Mandatory to Have Dental Bridges?

The Westchase dentist recommends dental bridges as mandatory for those who:

  • Has missing no more than three teeth in a row:
  • Cannot afford to get a dental implant procedure.

Below are the reasons why a dental bridge is essential to fix your smile:

  • Require a dental restoration to snap onto implants.
  • One or more missing teeth.
  • Need a dental treatment that makes speaking and chewing food comfortable.
  • Need a natural-looking tooth replacement method.

Replace Your Single or Multiple Missing Teeth Today

A bridge is an effective solution to compensate for the loss of real teeth. It’s when it resembles closely in shade as the nearby teeth. It is highly beneficial for patients that feel uncomfortable about their appearance. The procedure is speedier and much less invasive than implants. There are different types of bridges.

Speak to the dentist at AK Dentistry to determine the most suitable for your needs. The bridges have the same durability as the crown. Typically, the lifespan is around 10 years. Remember, the strength of the dental bridge depends on the health of the supporting teeth.