9 Reasons to Take Your Child to Pediatric Dentist Near You

9 Reasons to Take Your Child to Pediatric Dentist Near You

Jun 01, 2023

A pediatric dentist is a dental specialist that receives special training to address dental problems specific to children. The dental healthcare a pediatric dentist can offer includes care for the gums, teeth, and other supportive tissues in your kid’s mouth. He can give your little one the protection they require against dental health conditions that can create long-term complications.

Reasons to Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

Our skilled dentist in Westchase, Houston, TX can be a best friend of your kid when it comes to keeping up with their dental health from infancy through adult age. Let us find out how.

They Know How the Kid’s Teeth Function

As kids grow, their oral system undergoes significant changes. It can also change the shape of their whole jaw. Pediatric dentists are pediatricians for teeth. They have spent an extra two years after their dental school to meet the needs of kids. They are well-trained to cope with the problems that occur in the oral growth of your kids.

They Have Kid-Friendly Environment

Young kids are fearful about visiting the dentist, but a visit to the pediatric dentist can be the most pleasant experience for them. These experts know how to handle and be gentle with children. They are well-trained to calm down children while performing dental treatment. Most pediatric dental offices have a welcoming atmosphere. They have pictures of sea creatures, other playful scenes, or a play area with video games and toys. It helps children feel less intimidated during dental sessions.

Address Damaging Oral Behavior

Most children have bad habits like thumb sucking, teeth grinding, etc. A trip to the pediatric dentist will help your child shed these bad habits. When ignored, they can lead to misalignment of upcoming teeth or impaired tooth growth. In case of misalignment of teeth, the expert also recommends braces or Invisalign. The needs and healthcare of a child are different from those of adults.

Inculcates Healthy Dental Practices

The pediatric dentist also uses a preventive approach to prevent oral health complications like tooth decay, gum diseases, etc. He/she will recommend the following tips to develop good habits in children:

  • Flossing every day.
  • Seeing the dentist regularly.
  • Using proper brushing technique.

Address Bite and Speech Problems

As the kid continues to lose and erupt new teeth, it is essential to ensure that the jaw and tooth growth is proper. Misaligned jaws can lead to bite and speech problems. When untreated, they can result in other dental health issues in the long run. A pediatric dentist is the best solution to treat bite and speech issues early.

Have Proper Dental Tools for Kids Dental Care

Pediatric dental specialists know that kids are not completely grown, adults. They need tools that are built specifically to treat them. Pediatric dentists use kids-friendly tools to ensure that dental procedures are highly relaxable for the kid. Besides this, the expert will take additional measures to make him feel safe.

Offers Dental Emergency Treatments

It is common for children to damage their teeth from a fall, blow, or other trauma. Pediatric dental professionals offer the required emergency treatment when the dental emergency strikes. If the expert finds a slight injury on the primary teeth, he/she recommends tooth extraction to prevent risks for permanent teeth. For a severe tooth injury, the specialist may refer you to a pediatric oral surgeon.

Pre and Mid Orthodontic Exam

The dentist also advises pre and mid-orthodontic exams. During this, the expert determines if your kid requires braces. While your child has braces, the pediatric dental specialist cleans teeth and addresses underlying problems. The expert will also perform an early intervention to ensure the development of straight teeth.

They Will Educate You About Your Kid’s Dental Health

Another advantage of getting pediatric dentistry in Westchase, Houston, TX is that the expert will educate you about the oral care of your kid. They will also tell you good oral habits you can inculcate in your kids at the earliest. They also collaborate with dental hygienists and staff with child-friendly skills.

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