Dental Sealants in Westchase, Houston, TX

AK Dentistry provides non-invasive teeth sealants in Houston, TX.  These reliable preventive dentistry treatments protect molars and premolars from decay. Sealants are a composite resin material that covers the chewing surfaces of back teeth. The transparent layer bonds to the tooth surface and fills in the pit and fissures. It is within these grooves that plaque, leftover food debris, and bacteria get trapped and thrive. As a result, the back teeth are most prone to develop cavities.

Sealant Procedure at AK Dentistry

The process of placing sealants is pain-free and fast. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, there is no need for anesthesia. With just a few simple steps, the treated teeth are sealed. The application proceeds as follows:

  • A Houston, TX dentist will clean and dry the affected tooth. An absorbent material is placed in the surrounding area to keep the tooth dry.
  • An etching solution is put on the chewing surfaces to ensure a successful and reliable bond.
  • Then, the treated tooth is cleaned and dried again.
  • Next, the sealant material is painted on the tooth surface. Here the layer will harden under a curing light and fuse with the tooth.

Who Are Candidates for Tooth Sealants Near You?

Kids are the ideal candidates for dental sealants. In fact, our dentists in Houston, TX highly recommend sealing each adult molar as it erupts. If your child is cavity prone, a dentist may suggest getting sealants for the baby. These teeth play a vital role in spacing for the adult teeth, so they must be kept strong and healthy until they fall out naturally. If decay causes damage in the early years of development, more permanent oral health issues may arise down the line. As our youngest patients learn how to care for their smiles properly, sealants offer an added preventive measure.

Even more, adults who are prone to tooth decay can also benefit from dental sealants near you. So, sealing anyone’s teeth that are susceptible to cavities helps us prevent future issues.

Please contact AK Dentistry to book a dental exam or to discuss the benefits of dental sealants.

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