Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Westchase, Houston, TX

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that saves natural teeth.  This standard procedure deals with the inner pulp and tissues surrounding the root. To clarify, the tooth pulp is the center area that houses all the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues.  Root canal therapy is available atAK Dentistry. Our Houston, TX dentists always want to do everything possible to preserve natural smiles.

Endodontic Treatment Near You

To start, our dentists remove the entire contents of the pulp chamber and canals. The area is then packed with a sealer and a gutta-percha (a rigid plastic filling material). While a root-canaled tooth is no longer viable, it remains intact. As a result, the tooth still functions like an untreated tooth. So, you can bite and chew as you usually do.

The last step is to restore and protect the weakened tooth with a dental crown. We place all-ceramic, full metal, or partial metal crowns at AK Dentistry.

Success Rates of Root Canals in the Houston, TX Area

The success rate of endodontic treatment is about 85–90 percent. These figures are comparable to the success rate of dental implants: 92–97 percent. Many teeth our dentists repair with root canal therapy near you last a lifetime. Our team is skilled and experienced in performing all kinds of reparative dentistry procedures, including endodontic care. So, schedule an appointment today. Book your next dental exam or a root canal consultation.

AK Dentistry: Experienced in Root Canal Therapy

Come to us for years of combined experience in treating patients with root canals. We have achieved high success rates with these procedures. Our dentists are happy to discuss your options with you. Call us now so we can determine the fit best for your situation.

The Painful Myth About Root Canals

The purpose of endodontic care is to end the pain, not cause it. However, there is a long-standing myth that root canal treatment in Houston, TX is excruciating. There was a time when this may have been true. However, modern anesthetics and advanced techniques have made the therapy much like getting a crown or a filling.

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