Fixed Porcelain Bridges

Fixed Porcelain Bridges in Westchase, Houston, TX

Each tooth plays an important role in your mouth, so when there is a gap, sometimes the best solution is to use a dental bridge. AK Dentistry can perform a dental bridge procedure over 2-3 visits. The procedure involves attaching fabricated teeth to healthy natural teeth to create a “bridge.” 

Why Dental Bridges Are Necessary

Having a gap in the teeth puts stress on the mouth, which can lead to health-threatening dental conditions. One of the things that occur when teeth are missing in the back of the mouth is that the lips and jaw can begin to droop, which can make you look older. Another possible side effect from having a gap in the teeth is an increased risk for developing speech impediments because our teeth play a role in how we make sounds to speak. There is also an increased risk of gum disease. To avoid these conditions, it is important to remedy a gap in the teeth quickly. 

Contact a dentist near you for a consultation if you have gaps in your teeth. We use the latest tooth fabrication technology to create a custom fit for your teeth. Using a bridge to fix a gap in the teeth can be preventive for many of the negative effects of having missing teeth. 

Types of Dental Bridges

There are multiple kinds of dental bridges. For the best results, a fixed bridge is used, which permanently attaches the fabricated tooth to the natural teeth surrounding it. Fixed bridges offer more stable support than removable bridges. During the procedure for fixed dental bridges, crowns are attached to the natural teeth for protection and support. The artificial tooth is then cemented to the crowns on either side. If you are looking for fixed porcelain bridges in Houston, TX, then we are here to help.

The best material used for dental bridges is porcelain. It is incredibly natural-looking, which improves the appearance of your smile. Top of the line ceramic fabrication tools are used to create a natural-looking bridge to fix the gap in your teeth. It requires an experienced and specialized dentist to deliver amazing results for dental bridge procedures. Our dentist in Houston, TX, is available for fixed porcelain bridges near you.

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