Tooth Extractions in Westchase, Houston, TX

At AK Dentistry, we are dedicated to preserving natural smiles. For that reason, we always do everything possible to save our patient's teeth. We perform many therapeutic procedures, including root canals, crowns, periodontal treatments, and more. But unfortunately, there are cases when the best choice is extraction. Your oral health is always priority number one with our Houston, TX dentists.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions Near You

There are countless reasons why a tooth may become damaged beyond repair. Dental trauma, teeth crowding, severe infection, or decay can all lead to tooth removal. The leading cause for extractions is impaction, particularly wisdom teeth. This problem frequently occurs in older adolescents and young adults. If you or a family member is experiencing any of these issues, please call our Houston, TX dental practice right away.

What to Expect: Tooth Removal at AK Dentistry

After a Houston, TX dentist determines that extraction is the right way to restore your dental health, then you will undergo the following steps:

X-Rays/Digital Imaging: First, either traditional or digital x-rays will be taken of the affected tooth. That will enable one of our dentists to view the root's position and the surrounding jawbone condition.

Clinical Review: Our experienced and skilled dental team will use these images to plan the extraction procedure. Rest assured, we will execute the safest course of action for optimal results.

Tooth/Teeth Removal: Before the tooth is removed, your dentist will apply an anesthetic. The type of anesthetic will be determined by the procedure (simple or surgical extraction). Simple tooth removal is performed when the tooth is exposed above the gumline. Surgical extraction takes place when the tooth has not erupted. Regardless, the process will be as pain-free and comfortable as possible. After the tooth has been gently and carefully lifted out of the socket, gauze will be placed in the gap to control any bleeding. Sometimes, several tiny stitches are necessary to close the wound and encourage faster healing.

Extractions from a Houston, TX Dentist

Do you have a badly infected or decayed tooth? Are your wisdom teeth impacted? If so, contact the dentists at AK Dentistry today.

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