Partial and Full Dentures in Westchase, Houston, TX

Whether the loss is due to disease or injury, living with a gapped smile comes with challenges. People missing a single tooth or several teeth have a hard time chewing, biting, and speaking correctly. Tooth loss can also impact the shape and structure of a person’s face. As a result, facial muscles sag because teeth don’t support them. Without a full smile, muscles sag.

If you have lost an entire mouth full or several teeth, our dentists may recommend partial or complete dentures. But there are many factors to think about before settling on a decision.

Complete or Full Dentures Near Me

Full dentures are removable, custom-made prosthetic teeth. In most cases, either the top or bottom arch must be missing or extracted. After tooth removal, the soft tissues must heal before our dentists can fit a permanent denture.

The dental prosthetic consists of a gum-colored acrylic base that sits on the gums to fill in a gapped smile. Each set is designed to fit comfortably and snugly. A correct fit is essential since dentures serve as replacement teeth. Modern advancements in dental technology have made today’s artificial teeth more natural-looking than ever.

Partial Dentures at AK Dentistry

If you still have a few healthy teeth in place, you may consider getting a partial. This type of denture involves a plastic or acrylic plate attached with one or more replacement teeth. It is the same gum-colored base used to fabricate a full denture. Partials are made to fit the upper and/or lower palate. They also fill in the gaps left by tooth loss with natural-looking prosthetics. Like a full denture, a partial is removable. So, you can take it out to clean your teeth and before bed.

Experienced Dentist Near Houston, TX

So, if you are tired of living with tooth loss, please contact AK Dentistry in Houston, TX. We offer several quality tooth replacement solutions near you.

If you’re in the Houston, TX area, call us today to request an appointment. We will find the most effective option that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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