How do Dentists decide Which Dentures Are Best for You?

How do Dentists decide Which Dentures Are Best for You?

Feb 01, 2023

When you miss teeth, you endure the challenges that confront you. Unfortunately, even your regular dentist won’t know about your missing teeth or why you lost them. Therefore if you are considering dentures to replace your missing teeth, the best way to determine which option is best for your needs is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist near you for help.

Missing teeth make you a victim of countless challenges. Besides impacting your ability to smile and nourish yourself by eating the food, you love, the missing teeth also cause other problems. Your remaining teeth, if any, start drifting towards the void left by the missing tooth or teeth. The teeth in the opposite jaw also move upwards or downwards to close the gap between your teeth. Your mouth bacteria target food particles trapped in the void to make you a victim of dental infections that need frequent treatment from dentists. If you wish to overcome the challenges expecting your dentist to know what you want is practically impossible. Therefore the better option is to visit the practice suggested to assess your needs and get the best option from the dentist.

What Are Partial and Full Dentures?

When you visit dentist 77042, they will assess your situation to determine how many teeth you have lost and where. In addition, they will discuss your budget because some dentures are only suitable for some.

If you have lost all your teeth in one jaw, the dentist suggests complete dentures as an optimal solution to replace all your missing teeth. However, please do not presume it is the end of the process because it is just the beginning of many appointments you must arrange with the dentist until you receive your tooth replacements.

If you have lost a couple of teeth and have healthy natural teeth beside them, the dentist offers you partial dentures to replace the missing teeth. Here again, you must choose carefully and decide whether you want partial and full dentures in Westchase or want to consider alternative options for the replacements.

Conventional complete dentures are removable prosthetics replacing the upper and lower sets of missing teeth. A complete denture sits on your gums and is optimal if you have lost all your teeth. Acrylic or porcelain helps make the denture teeth held by an acrylic or metal base. Conventional dentures are ready within eight to 12 months after extracting any remaining teeth and allowing time for your jaws to heal.

As mentioned earlier, if you have some natural teeth remaining, the dentist recommends partial dentures as an optimal option to replace them. Removable partials consist of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored base connected to a metal framework holding the denture in place. Besides replacing missing teeth, partial dentures become essential to prevent your remaining teeth from drifting or changing position.

Besides the above, you can even consider custom, implant-supported, snap-in, and economy dentures.

After you decide on the variety of dentures you need and choose the best option that you will be comfortable with, you can consult the dentist to select permanent or removable dentures. The material for the dentures can also influence the comfort of the replacement teeth.

How Are Dentures Placed?

The denture placement process relies on the kind of denture you have chosen to replace your missing teeth. If you have selected conventional complete dentures, you must provide impressions of your mouth for the prosthodontist to create your artificial teeth. You must return to the technical specialist several times during the fabrication to try out the molds until they achieve the correct fit.

If you have selected implant-supported dentures, you must undergo a surgical procedure to have dental implants inserted in your jawbone and heal from the process before the dentist creates a fixed or removable denture anchored to the dental implants in your jaw. Similar is the case if you have selected snap-in dentures anchored by dental implants.

When looking for denture placement, you must remain patient and prepare to visit the dentist several times regardless of the option you choose for replacing your missing teeth. The visits might appear cumbersome and lengthy but are essential to ensure you receive natural-looking and feeling replacements for your natural teeth.

If you are missing your natural teeth, whether one or several, Armstrong Katzmark, DDS, provides dentures as replacements for them after assessing your mouth and fabricating custom replacements. Consult them today to start getting your replacement teeth as soon as possible.

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