Dental Bonding – The Perfect Way to Restore Your Smile

Dental Bonding – The Perfect Way to Restore Your Smile

Oct 01, 2022

If you would like to enhance the looks of your smile or fix minor aberrations with damaged teeth, you find dental bonding an ideal choice to cover your dental flaws. Besides improving the looks of your teeth, the bonding treatment allows you to show off your pearly whites without raising your palms.

The dental bonding procedure helps repair minor chips and gaps between your teeth and change the shape and color of a tooth. The bonding treatment is not a permanent solution for your dental imperfections but is a durable alternative to intensive treatments like porcelain veneers that must remain on your teeth even if you don’t want them later. In addition, the bonding treatment is reversible if you wish to search for more robust alternatives to protect your teeth afterward.

The Lifespan of Dental Bonding

When receiving the teeth bonding treatment and spending $ 300-$ 600 per tooth, you might want to understand how long the bonding treatment will remain on your teeth. Below is an explanation of the duration, teeth bonding will help you show off a flawless smile.

The bonding material’s lifespan depends on your dental hygiene routine and the care you provide for your bonded tooth. Dental experts think the tooth bonding material has a lifespan of five to ten years; after that period, your dentist must help you maintain or replace the bonding material.

Caring for your bonded teeth doesn’t require intensive care for the bonded tooth besides maintaining your dental hygiene appropriately and avoiding specific mouth-related practices that might damage the composite resin.

It helps if you understand that the composite resin isn’t as durable as tooth enamel and can chip and crack when biting on complex foods or objects that aren’t part of your regular diet. In addition, the material for teeth bonding is not stain resistant and discolors if you frequently drink coffee or other staining beverages or smoke. Finally, if you have bruxism causing you to clench and grind your teeth, your dentist will likely recommend wearing night guards to protect your natural teeth and the bonding material to ensure you don’t need faster replacements.

Dental bonding is an affordable and conservative cosmetic therapy to help improve the looks of your teeth and your smile. If properly cared for, the treatment remains on your teeth for nearly a decade but might need replacements faster if you ignore your dentist’s instructions.

If you are searching for a conservative therapy to repair and fix minor damages to your teeth, AK Dentistry provides tooth bonding explaining how this therapy helps change the looks of your smile. Kindly schedule a meeting with this practice today to have your teeth bonded instantly without significant dental anxiety.

Though most of us try our best to take great care of our teeth, day-to-day life and accidents can take their toll on the shape and function of our teeth. An accidental chip here or crack there can harm your teeth and ruin your smile. We are your local dentist in Houston, offering dental bonding in Houston, TX, and the surrounding area.

Why Should You Choose Dental Bonding?

When you suffer damage to a tooth, such as a chip or crack, it can cause pain and make eating and drinking your favorite foods more difficult, not to mention ruining your perfect smile.

You have many options for restoring your smile, but dental bonding offers some unique benefits.

The dental bonding material is made of a special tooth-colored resin used to mold and reshape a damaged or discolored tooth. This means that you not only get your tooth repaired, but it looks as natural as your real teeth.

Dental bonding is a quick, painless, and fairly non-invasive procedure that can typically be done in one appointment. This makes it a more convenient option for patients looking for a quick and efficient way to fix their teeth.

Come to Our Office in Houston, TX Today

As your local dentist in 77042, we are proud to be there for you when you need oral health services. If it sounds like you are a good candidate for dental bonding, then click or call today and see how dental bonding can help give you your smile back. Don’t forget to ask about promotional offers and discounts available on dental bonding and other services.

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