The Armstrong Team

The Armstrong Team

Sep 09, 2013

The dental practice of Craig Armstrong, DDS is an office family of highly-trained clinicians focused on providing exceptional patient care at all times. The team’s strong personal connection has created a warm and cohesive office environment where patients can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Successful teamwork depends on a teams’ ability to work together cohesively in a supportive office culture. The team members at the practice of Craig Armstrong, DDS  trust each other, as they know they share the same devotion to the field of dentistry. The practice is so effective because of the mutual trust and respect between the team as they work closely with patients to ensure all of their needs are met. That’s because each member of the team has the skills and experience necessary to fulfill their integral roles in the dental practice.

Each team member is aware of how important their role is in the synergy of the practice and strives to always make things run smoothly. The shared goal of the dental practice of Craig Armstrong, DDS is that patients receive excellent care and communication so that they are always very satisfied with their treatment.

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